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Spotlight On...

A merciless killer with a twisted sense of honor, this assassin blinded Psylocke and pushed Brian Braddock to kill. A second version returned years later to haunt Betsy. Today's focus is on the combined history of... SLAYMASTER!
Hundreds of years old, this wondrous woman brought her ancient wisdom and combat experience to both the Squadron Supreme and the Exiles. As an Exile she helped save countless worlds, but after the Secret Wars she was unable to save her own world. Read now the story of... POWER PRINCESS!
One of the X-Men's newest villains, Claudine Renko was intended to be used as a failsafe clone for Nathaniel Essex. Breaking free of his control, she now terrorizes the X-Men every chance she gets with a special interest in Wolverine and his spawn. Read all about her deliciously demented crimes in our spotlight on... MISS SINISTER!

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Update on... BLINK & BLINK (EXILES)

Rub my eyes, am I seeing double? As a potential member of Generation X who died before the team was formed, Blink proved so popular that she was brought back as a major figure in the alternate reality, the Age of Apocalypse. The AoA Blink's popularity was so high, an entire team of alternate reality heroes called the Exiles were formed in order to showcase her. And THEN, AoA Blink's continuous popularity led to Blink-616 being resurrected as well. Presently, both Blinks are active in the main Marvel Universe, although they have yet to cross paths on-panel. From a "hi-then-die" character to being too popular for one character to contain, Blink proves the enduring value of great character design.

Team Entry - EXILES II

Just a few months after the New Exiles series ended, the Exiles were back! All-new, all-different! Who was this mysterious new team? And what happened to the original Exiles? Wait, Morph is the Timebroker? Is that our Blink or a new Blink? Find out the answers to this and many other questions in our article on... Exiles II!

Spotlight on... SLAYMASTER!

Once one of Captain Britain's greatest foes, the assassin Slaymaster was an amoral killer who valued his skills over all else. He left his mark on continuity when he ripped out the eyes of Elizabeth Braddock in her first short-lived run as Captain Britain, sending her down the path to joining the X-Men and later the Hand. As Psylocke, Betsy eventually joined the Exiles and found closure when she was targeted by the Slaymaster of another world, and finally defeated the man who blinded her all those years ago.

Update on... NOCTURNE

One of the original Exiles, Talia Josephine proved a popular enough character that she moved into the main Marvel Universe for a time, serving as a member of Excalibur. After a series of personal losses, however, Nocturne grew tired of the frantic lifestyle brought about by constant dimension jumping. Falling into a position of authority in one universe, T.J. chose to remain behind and fulfill these new responsibilities. Hopefully, she is able to find the peace in retirement that she lost as one of the Exiles.

Team Entry - WEAPON X (EXILES)

It was clear from issue #1 that the Exiles were all heroes, but there was still a lot of dirty work that needed to be done to save the multiverse. Enter Weapon X. This disparate group of killers and criminals weren't afraid to get their hands dirty to get the work done, and some even enjoyed it! Unfortunately their ruthlessness would be their undoing when one of their own destroyed them in a bid for power. Read now about... Weapon X!

Update on... MORPH

Hi folks! It's your favourite resident funny man Morph, coming to you from beyond the grave! Oooo-ooooh! You might remember me from such appearances as being the highlight of not one, not two but three Exiles series (admit it, you didn't read them for Sabretooth). My spotlight finished when I posed as the Timebroker, but I thanks to some blackmail material I have over certain marvel execs I popped back up again in the latest Exiles series. You gotta give the people what they want! But then they killed me off! The audacity! Anyway, read now the UXN's update on... Morph.